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Monday, December 21 2009

My New Favorite Song

from They Might Be Giants:

7 Days of the Week - I Never Go to Work

(they say it's for kids, but obviously it's for grownups)

Friday, November 27 2009

All Your Electronics Are Belong To Us

My cat has suddenly discovered that we have many devices that are turned on all the time and are, therefore, warm ... switches, Tivo, laptops, etc.


Saturday, October 17 2009

The Deed is Done!

Just purchased Julia's American Girl doll for her birthday which is in a few weeks. She's been obsessed with AG dolls since discovering the catalog at her friend Lee's house, last January. Fortunately (or unfortunately) this gave her a full 11 months to figure out exactly which doll she wanted, and to memorize the catalog...I kid you not. For several months her favorite activity was to go through the catalog along with some poor adult, and discuss the horrendously expensive clothes, dolls, toys, accessories ad nauseum. Out of sheer boredom Chris came up with the genius idea of the AG Catalog Quiz as an alternate activity, where one asks Julia: who is Kit's best friend? What color is her pajama set? What is the name of her stuffed animal pet?

Julia decided that instead of going to the store with her GPs and us to buy the doll, she'd rather go to tea in the AG tearoom, where dolls have their own doll-sized chairs, plates and cups. So I ordered her dolly online. For those of you out there in the interwebs who are wondering, she finally settled on KIT KITTREDGE!


Wednesday, April 29 2009

While We Sleep

I was speaking on the phone with Julia yesterday from my office. She said, "Mom, please don't check on me and tell Dad not to check on me during the night at these times: 9, 9:30, 10:15, 10:10, 11, 12, 1:30, 2:30..."

I said, "ok sure. Why not?"

"That's when I'm going to be fighting crime."

Sunday, March 29 2009


A few days ago, as she was brushing her teeth before bed, Julia asked me: so mom, when you make a baby how does the seed get to the egg? Gulp! She already knew that men have "seeds" and women have eggs...but that's about it. So I punted, saying it's kind of complicated and you're going to bed soon so I'll tell you tomorrow.

Of course the next day, she waited until 5-10 minutes before I left for work to ask again. I said how about when I come home tonight? She said now. So I took a deep breath and explained the mechanics, using the proper terminology. It was pretty funny - she got so disgusted, said "ew!" and "you and Dad didn't do that, did you?!!" The conversation was fine. She claimed to be asking out of curiousity, not because someone had told her something at recess.

At work I immediately ordered a book called "From Diapers to Dating", which has turned out to be very helpful. I recommend it for when your kid asks how babies are made.

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